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Ben Affleck

Sarah's Page
Ben is one of the best up-and-coming actors of the time, and he's my latest obsession! He's not only hot, but he's a nice guy, too. Here are some facts about the man himself Full Name-Benjamin Geza Affleck Birthdate-August 15, 1972 Born-Berkeley, California (he grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts) Parents-Mom-Chris Dad-Tim Siblings- 1 brother, Casey Affleck (also an actor) Acting Start-The PBS series, "Voyage of the Mimi" Film Credits-"Dazed and Confused","Chasing Amy", "Good Will Hunting","Phantoms","Armaggedon" "Shakespeare in Love", "Forces of Nature" Currently Dating-no one! Best Friends-his mom, Matt Damon That's really all I know, but I'll keep you posted when I find out more.
Ben News Update Upcoming movies:Dogma, with Matt Damon and Alanis Morrisette

Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck Linx!

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